10 Best Pieces of Art Involving Golf

Some may not find fantasy in the actual playing of the golf game, but some see the art in golf glorifying. They range from landscape paintings on courses, golfing materials, pictures of legends or favourite events anything artistic about golf. Below are some artistic golf pieces.

The Great Triumvirate

The painting of the Great Triumvirate with Harry Vardon (1870-1937), James Braid(1870-1950) and JH Taylor(1871-1963) was a masterpiece by Clement Flower dated from way back in 1913. The three golfers won the British Open 16 times between 1894 to 1914. They helped shape modern day professional golf. The painting is owned by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club and hangs on the wall on the way to the club’s dining room. Art lovers can get the replicate of the painting in print forms.

The Borsheims Giant Golf Club Sculpture by Jeff Diamond.

Add sculpture with a swing to your home with Diamond’s sphere, handmade from re purposed golf clubs. The piece is made in Florida with a striking fold of art of golf at its finest. It is a thoughtful accessory that delights the golf enthusiast with an eye for art. Jeff Diamond, claims to have handled most golf clubs than golfers owed to the dedicated recycling of golf club heads. His first sculpture was first showcased at the Orlando PGA Merchandise Show in the year 2006.

Study From The Human Body- Figure In Movement by Francis Bacon

The painting was obtained from the artist just before he died. It features all elements of a significant bacon with the spooky transparent box, terrific coloration and mutant figure in agony. The painting expresses Bacon’s interest in body movement. The character at the center is outfitted with cricket pads, and the red arrow suggests a specific leftward torque that may point to an illustration on how to improve one’s golf swing. The painting is currently at Marlborough New York with a price tag of 25 million dollars.

The Golfers by Charles Lees

The large painting shows a match being played on the Old Course at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. At the centre of everybody’s attention is a game between Sir Anstruther and Sir Ralph David Baird against Major Hugh Lyon Playfair and John Campbell of Glen Saddel. Artist Charles Lee carefully composed this scene which includes over fifty individuals, using photographs of golfers to help him. The piece of artwork is currently on loan. Charles Lee is said to have launched the painting in 1847. The art shows the growing popularity of golf in the nineteenth century, especially in Scotland.

Arrow collar Ad 1905-1930

The portrait was developed by Joseph Christian Leyendecker who is best known for his posters and advertising illustrations. He came up with an arrow collar advertisement of a man neatly dressed with his golf bag in his arms. It illustrated the efficiency in the shirt as one could detach the shirt collar and ease up for a golf game.

Young Tiger Woods swing Portrait by Mark Robinson

Tiger Woods is one of the world’s most decorated golfer. He turned into a golf pro in 1996 and rose over the years to win major titles. Mark Robinson has this famous portrait of a young Tiger Woods taking a swing when Woods dominated the golf world.

A portrait of Edward, Duke of Windsor by William Orpen

Among many portraits by William Orpen is Prince Edward’s picture holding his golf club. This particular portrait has been popular in the 80’s during the reviewing of vintage fashion. Although Orpen’s work received significant criticism after his death, his work started to gain recognition after in the 80’s after which this particular portrait gained popularity.

1996 “Hogan” on canvas by Bart Forbes

Ben Hogan believed that every golfer needed to follow a pattern of proper fundamentals strictly to have a rigid swing. He is no doubt considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Hogan played a significant role in influencing the golf swing theory and was renowned for his legendary ball striking ability. Bart Forbes made a striking portrait of the golf legend holding his golf club after a strike looking well composed.

Rory McIlroy after PGA Victory

Mark Robinson painted the painting after Roly’s remarkable win in the PGA Championship in 2012. Mark Robinson is a British artist who has specialized in contemporary golf paintings. Among this portrait is a few other recognized works such as the Roly Mcllroy swing portrait that illustrates what Roly does best on the golf course. Sports overnight has a variety of merchandise that could match Roly’s.

Golf Boguslavsky cigarette card

These are popular prints that feature golf pros of the 1860’s Young Tom Morris and Old Tom Morris. They have found a vast selection in the card industry and living the legacy. The cards have lived since 1925 inform of vintage and golf art.