10 Best Places to Surf in the United States

Surfing has become a popular activity in the US, and since it is summer, many people are looking for the best surfing spots in the country. The US has a wide variety of surfing spots, with all sorts of breaks and wave heights. The locations also vary depending on the locals’ hospitality, surfer’s skills and population among others. Sports Overnight has analyzed and compiled all this information and come up with a list of the top surfing sites in the US.

  1. Santa Cruz, California

The waves at Santa Cruz accommodate all types of surfers. For the beginners, Pleasure Point is the most famous place to acquire the skill, although Capitola Beach also average waves that are more forgiving. Steamer lane is where all the action happens with the wild waves being fit for the legends. Beach point and reef breaks produce a variety of waves and make the location a surfing paradise. However, you should come prepared as the water temperatures are not the best.

  1. Haleiwa, Hawaii

The waves at Haleiwa attract world-class surfers each year for the Annual Pipe Masters. The pro surfing community knows the reef break waves well due to their insane heights and fast speeds. The water temperature is also phenomenal for most of the year, and when it gets cold, the waves get even better. There is an average number of surfers in this spot and for a good reason since the waves here are not built for everybody. The locals are, however, not too welcoming so make sure you follow the etiquette.

  1. Malibu, California

Its proximity to Hollywood has made Malibu a famous surf spot in California. You will find people catching the beach break swells almost all year round. Due to its popularity, people from all over the world flock here to either catch the waves, or some other high profile Hollywood activity. There is also not much respect for order hence you have to stay sharp if you are hoping to get any surfing experience.

  1. Encinitas, California

It is hard to imagine what the town of Encinitas would look like if it weren’t for the surfing culture. There are shops at every corner selling long boards and swimsuits, while most of the other businesses have some form of surfing-themed establishment. All this town hype is still an understatement for the quality of waves at the beach. Cardiff and Trestles are the best spots for the average and pro surfers to catch the best swells. Although the reef breaks provide for perfect waves, they don’t form the best ocean floor thus you have to be watchful in these waters.

  1. Montauk, New York

Located 120 miles from the city, Montauk is a great surf spot during winter. The point break waves provide for a long ride, and the waves are not too wild, making them ideal for beginners. The crowd is also not too big, and there is minimal local activity. You should, however, come prepared for the freezing waters.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Home to the famous Waikiki Beach, Honolulu is a surfer’s magnet. The long stretching waves attract hordes of tourists who flock to the beach to have some fun. The waves are not too high for most of the year, and thus there are lots of beginners in the waters. However, in the winter, the waves can get terrifyingly large which creates the best setting for the pros.

  1. San Clemente, California

It is in San Clemente that you find the world famous Trestles. The praise for the waves here can be summed up by the fact that Trestles is an annual location for a pro world tour event. The beach break waves are convenient for mid-level and pro surfers. However, you have to stay sharp as most people won’t follow the line.

  1. Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach has decent waves all year round, but it gets exciting during the winter. The water is clean in this area, and the temperatures are warm for the most of the year. The locals here are very protective of their turf, and hence you have to be on your best behavior, especially during surfing season.

  1. Cocoa Beach, Florida

This beach is more accessible than Palm Beach, and the locals have embraced the surf culture. The swells in most of Cocoa Beach are at a low height, but they still provide for an incredible thrill for all types of surfers.Most surfers flock to the Sebastian Inlet where the waves are higher.However, if you don’t wish to spend most of the time waiting in line, it is best to do your surfing in the early morning.

  1. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

The point break waves in Hatteras are phenomenal for their overhead barreling action which is a thrill for most surfers. The hollow waves here are usually not too high for the most of the year, but they are still decent for surfing. The best season sets in during the closing days of summer.