13 Tips To Swing Like Tiger Woods

In golf, how you swing is everything. Your swing determines among other things, how far your ball will get and even the direction the ball will take. Tiger Woods is one of the well-known golf champions with an impeccable golf record. He is said to have gained a fantastic swing by the time he was turning 18 in addition to being physically gifted. Any golfer would want to copy a lot from this phenomenal golfer. To enable you to swing like a pro; here are 13 tips to swing like Tiger Woods

1. One, his approach to long games. Here Tiger is popular with his full and free flowing motion that he releases the balls. In this movement, Tiger completely spins around his back such that is points down on his target line. This action has become so popular it is considered to be his trademark and is said to enable him to cover vast distances, have great consistency and superb balance.

2. Second, when playing shorter irons, Tiger transforms himself to an entirely different golfer as compared to when shooting long balls. Here, he concentrates more on controlling his game and very little about distance. The length of his backswing thus becomes shorter. His club usually stop just above his chest making the club point straight to the sky. This motion enables him to get much better control over his spin, accuracy, strike, and distance.

3. Give the spin your forearm. To increase accuracy and enhance your ball striking, be on-plane above the swing. Your right forearm should be parallel to your spine, your wrist flat, elbows and arms forming a neat triangle. If you are in such a position, it means you correctly rotated your shoulders into a perfect backswing.

4. Source power from your body, not arms. Any good golfer knows that the body provides the energy used in striking golf balls. To get your body to give this power place your club behind the ball while your body is in a dead-spot position. Without making a backswing try dragging the ball into the air. With some patience, you will realise that once you start using your body to move the club, you get more consistent in getting the ball into the air.

5. Hinge for power. A few simple steps can help gain control over your swing length to create solid contact. 45 degrees should be made between the club shaft and your left arm. At takeaway, your hands should be very close to the ground as the club moves up fast. The goal is your left thumb pointing the right shoulder. A proper wrist hinge will have been achieved once your left arm is parallel to the ground with the club shaft perpendicular to it.

6. Solid plane. A good swing creates no slice. A slice can be produced by an open face or incorrect swing path. All players need a path coming slightly from inside. To avoid a slice, you can try the Box Drill.

7. Avoid flips. A flip is an early release that occurs when your body is too far in front of the ball. The flip leads to club lagging and in such a position your hands are more likely to be too close to your face at impact. In this position, it becomes hard to even for professionals to execute consistently. To fix flips, create an impact bag, get the clubbed into the bag as you set your body into a good position. Your lead arm and shaft at this point must form one vertical line with your hips slightly open.

8. Chipping. Chipping is an excellent technique that when well executed enhance a player’s swinging. To practice this, take a dowel, place it on a pitching wedge through a hole on top of the grip. Then push your dowel about 8-12 inches down the shaft. About three feet of our dowel should extend outward from the top.

9. Keep your K. For you to keep a consistent swing level, your angle should be maintained all through from address through to impact and post impact.

10. Thumbing (Up and Down). You need to ensure that the club face does not close too soon. To avoid this, use a thumbs-down approach. This movement slows the club face slows down thus getting rid of shots curving to the left.The thumbs-up position is what slicers desire to attain.

11. Elbow your slice. The secret to success in avoiding slicing and get successful swing is by eliminating faulty shoulder tilt and elbow position at the top. The most efficient right elbow for getting rid slices is just outside or on the right side of your shirt.

12. Keep your hands low. There may be several suggestions on improving your swings. However, a more productive approach is to keep your hands low this will also make the trajectory low.

13. Give your spine the forearm.

There are other several ways that you can adapt to improve your swing quality. However, the above is straightforward and easy for use even by beginner golfers.