5 Best Girl Snowboarders Blogs To Follow

Snowboarding is a fun outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by men, women, and children. To be a good snowboarder is equally comfortable considering you only need a few tricks and lessons here and there to get you going. In fact, snowboarding is one of the most comfortable sports to learn, practice and enjoy. A few things you need to determine beforehand to make your snowboarding comfortable and enjoyable even if you are a newbie. Firstly, you need to decide which foot is your lead. It is important because the lead foot is what is placed in front and your snowboard must be set in such a way to accommodate your lead foot whether you are a regular of a goofy. Another important thing you need to understand when it comes to snowboarding is how to fasten the bindings. The bindings are usually of two types, and each has its unique way of tying. Lastly, it is essential to understand that, like any other sport, you need to practice and keep practicing if you are to make any progress in this game.

Now, for several years, snowboarding has been taken to be a sports domain for males. However, in the recent years, the number of females participating and actively competing in snowboarding has been increasing with each dawn. There may be many reasons for this increase. However, social media has played a significant role in transforming the sport to become inclusive of both genders. Some of the high riding female snowboarders of 2017 according to Sports Overnight include Jenny Jones, Anna Gasser, Maria Thomsen, Christy Prior, Silje Norendal to name but a few. Now, blogs play a significant role in enhancing female participation in this noble sport. As such, here are five best girls snowboarding blogs to follow;

Burton Girls. It is one of the most active snowboarding blogs for girls and by girls. The blog features news articles and other blog posts on various snowboarding topics including board buying tips and guides, snowboard equipment, latest innovations in the field, locations, competitions and challenges, snowboard pros and star rankings among others. Also, the blog also offers a bit of history on the women’s snowboarding championships. Other than the above, the blog also has content on travel and fitness.

StillStoked. This blog is a travel and outdoor adventure blog by one famous female snowboarder and active blogger Alexa Hohenberg. The blog aims at encouraging women to lead more adventure-filled lives. The blog has content and news articles on different outdoor sports including snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, skydiving, skating, wake-boarding, kite-boarding. It also features lifestyle articles, nutrition, fitness, foods, and travel guides and tips.

StyleAltitude. It is another excellent snowboarding blog that you can follow. The Blog features the latest snowboarding news and blog posts. The blog also features distinctive profiles of some of the well known female snowboarders across the globe. It makes it possible for blog visitors to follow the snowboarders through the blog. In addition to this, the blog also posts various articles on health, fitness, nutrition, and snowboarding gear and equipment buying tips and guides.

Salty Peaks Snowboard blog.This blog although not exclusively for women is another excellent blog that you can follow. The blog posts different articles in different sports including snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountainboarding. Additionally, the blog provides buying tips and guides on sports equipment for kids, women, and men.

Agnarchyblog is another blog that you can follow. The blog primarily reviews various outdoor sporting events with snowboarding included.In addition to this, the blog also features articles on outdoor sports competitions and championships across the globe.

The above are some the best girls snowboarding blogs to follow. However, there might be others that are just as useful for you.

How to Determine which blog to follow

There may be several blogs online featuring women and girls snowboarding. It can make it a little confusing in choosing one that you will follow. To avoid the confusion, consider the following factors.

Blog relevance. Here you need to look at what a blog in question has to offer regarding what is posted there. Some blogs publish more news articles while others concentrate on general sporting articles. The best for you will, therefore, be one that displays what is relevant to you at a given time.

Another factor to consider is blog credibility. In this regard, you will want to look at how credible and trustworthy the content provided and posted is. You do not to rely on a blog that relies on hearsay to attract visitors. An excellent blog should provide quality content that holds water and one that is professional.

Thirdly, consider using a blog that has regular updates on its content. The essence of any blog is to inform you and possibly educate you. Therefore, the news posted in the blogs should be fresh and up to date.