5 Best Girl Surfer Blogs to Follow

What is more refreshing than an accomplished female surfer? You would reckon, nothing gets as close. Surfing can significantly improve your general health and especially boost your cardiovascular and mental health, enhance your sleep, improve on versatility, strengthen muscles, promote intake of Vitamin D, increase flexibility, gratification and enhance stress relief.

Lucky are you if you live near an ocean and can surf anytime you like, surfing offers a tremendous opportunity to hit the waters, get and stay fit and healthy. If you are not that lucky or do not have the time to go surfing every day, there are surfer blogs from where you can engage yourself by getting the latest happens in surfing in different parts of the world. Here we focus on five best girl surfer blogs to follow.

1. SurferToday. The blog features some of the latest news in the wave world of sports including surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, skimboarding, windsurfing, and bodyboarding. Also, the blog also features articles on surf environment and travels across the world. The blog has everything a surfer may need to know including Instructables (like guidelines on what to do when you get stuck how to catch waves, etc.), latest surfing innovations, products, surf cams and training tips, and guides.

2. The Inertia. It is another popular girls surfer blog where you are sure to find unique and equally exciting topics on related topics like surfing, mountaineering, and other outdoor themes. The blog also has news, stories, art, opinions, partnerships with charities as well as environmental programs. The blog offers a wide selection of articles on varying surf topics like surf training equipment innovations, new surf artists, surf training tips, companies giving back to the environment among other thought-provoking questions.

3. GirlsSurfNetwork. The excellent platform for females in the surfing industry to connect and focus on professional, free, grassroots, innovative and competitive surfers. The blog features all new and upcoming surfers making a name in the industry and those that are already established in the industry. The site also features articles on marketing, travel, fitness, health, surf coaching, travel, journalism, film, open sciences, nutrition, surf history among others.

4. SurfGirlMagazine. It is said to be one of the best girls surfer blogs currently in existence. Among other things, the blog features the latest surf film debuts, various surf guides on different imaginable surf stuff including boards, camps, ideal gifts for girl surfers and wetsuits. Other things you can find on this blog include surf boutique, locations, and timings for different surf competitions across the globe, ideal workouts, surfer ratings, good eats as well as famous female surfers and good surfing organisations.

5. Surfline. The ideal surf blog that is great for checking surf conditions and ratings both locally and internationally. The blog also features latest surf news, “wave of the day,” videos, different surf photography at various locations, day sequences, travel prep guides and tips, surf gear buying tips and guides among other things.

Now, there may be numerous surfer blogs online from which you can access a wide selection of articles and news on surfing. However, it is essential to look into the blog that will be used to obtain such vital information. One of the benefits of getting an excellent surfer blog is by choosing one that provides useful insights, articles, and news about the sport. Again, an excellent blog can necessitate following of your favorite female surfers who can be your role model and from whom you can learn several things about the sport. An excellent blog will, therefore, be able to provide the right kind of information you desire at any time of need. Such a blog should also be credible in the type of articles and news it publishes and posts. Again, you will want to look at something that is continuously updated with relevant news and the surf articles to keep you in the know about what is happening in the surf world.

Some of the most popular female surfers include Maria Manuel, Sjana Earp, Angelica Blick, Laura Enever, Alexis Ren, Eva among others. Eva is a comedy sensation, beauty, and fashionista who gained popularity as a surfer after uploading her music video. Sjana Earp is a surf sensation with an ever-blazing Instagram scrolls of yoga poses, beaches and sunshine. Angelica Blick is that cool girl next door that everyone wishes to befriend with a body to die for and fashion to covet. Maria Manuel is a surfer with her blog on wellness and beach life. Her Instagram is a bee activity of beach shots, surfing, and great foods. Laura Enever is a pro surfer from Australia that has been in this industry for quite some time now. Other female surfers, you may be interested in following include Lakey Peterson, Courtney Conlogue, Bianca Buitendag and Nikki van Dijk to name but a few.