How To Get More Distance In Golf By Fixing Collapsed Arms

Playing golf can be rewarding both financially and emotionally especially considering that it is one sport that is considered to be very prestigious. However, to enjoy the game, you need to learn and have a lot of skills including swinging and putting. For those who understand golf, you know how far you strike your ball is vital to determining the general golf performance. Usually, you will be required to hit your balls to given holes often a distance away. It is crucial to know how to position yourself and how to strike the ball to get to that hole. You need the power to make a good enough swing that will propel the ball further. However, sometimes, some factors may prevent you from generating this power and therefore, negatively affect how far your balls get. One such element is collapsed arms. Collapsed arms occur when a player takes his club away and at the backswing, his arms become too close to his body. In such a situation, the arms will be collapsed or bent. In this position, it gets a little difficult to generate enough power to make a significant swing that will travel far enough. Being of such importance, therefore, here we look at how to get more distance in golf by fixing collapsed arms using the split grip drill.

1. Address. Before taking a shot, how you position your body is essential. Your body should be stable enough to hold your weight as your feet slightly flare to allow you to coil. Your feet balls, knees, and shoulders should be in a straight line.

2. Your upper body needs to be slightly curved with the lower body straight.

3. The hips, shoulders, and feet must be parallel to your target.

4. Perfect Backswing. When making a backswing, your hips make two motionsa rotation and a slight lateral movement. Your arms and golf club swing uniformly with your shoulders. At this point, your shoulders should rotate at a right angle and halfway through the backswing, your back will begin to cock. Once the swing gets to the top, the buttons of your shirt should be over the right or left knee ( depending on whether you are right handed or left handed) with your back facing your target. Then your shoulders should rotate at 90 degrees as the hips also rotate at about 45 degrees. It will generate a significant amount of speed on impact thus facilitate better distance coverage.

5. Impact. At the point where the club and ball make contact, your left leg should have firmed up with your much of your weight leaning towards the left heel. Your right heel will be in front of your right heel moving towards the center. The hips, on the other hand, should be clear and open to the target. As you strike, the club should hit the ball squarely on its equator.

6. Transition. It is the most vital phase of your swing. It is the point in which the backswing transitions to a downswing. At this point, your torso will be completing the swing from the back as your lower body prepares to begin a downswing. What this implies is that your body will be moving in 2 different directions at the same time. While doing this, you need to ensure your arm length is maintained while your wrists keep a full cock.

7. Post Impact. Refers to the position your swing will be at immediately after a strike. At this point, your club needs to have moved to the left as your hands remain passive.

8. The finish position is when your body will have fully rotated with the hips facing your target. From this point, you can see your shot as it propels the ball into the air.

9. It is essential to understand what your body does in every step of making the swing as that will determine how powerful the swing will be. Your body will coil and uncoil, and rotate side by side to generate energy that will allow you hit the ball powerfully.

10. The above tips can be handy in delivering a compelling enough strike that will propel your ball further. However, it is crucial to realize that in as much as it is essential to keep your left arm straight while doing the backswing, the right hand also has a lot to do with how the powerful the swing will be. Therefore in addition to the above even consider;

10. Placing your right hand on the grip instead of gripping the club regularly. While doing this, ensure there is a gap of about 2 inches between your right and left hands.

11. Make some swings while maintaining the above position. Hit the ball from this location.

12. Repeat the above, until you can feel where your arms are in feel. Once that is achieved, make some shots. It will increase the power in your swing.

13. The secret in fixing collapsed arms lies in practicing what is known as the split grip drill. Practicing the exercise can help you make get used to positioning your arms, hands and gripping the club correctly which translates to better swing speeds and which in turn enhances ball powering to cover more distance.