Golf Booming In India: 13 Reasons To Care

Golf is a sport that is centuries old; its history is never complete without a mention of India. The country is home to the second oldest golf course in the world. It helped India to serve as a gateway to golf in the East. Today, India is still crucial to the game. As the sport experiences a continual decline in the US and Europe, India is helping boost its viability. Here are some of the reasons that we at Sports Overnight feel should make you care about the sport.

1. India has a huge population

India is the only other country, besides China that has over a billion people living within its borders. This vast community is key to helping golf grow. Even if the game only penetrates one percent of the population, that is still a major success.

2. India is highly oriented towards the west

Unlike China, India has geared its culture towards the west. They are more accepting of foreign ideas and practices such as golf. It can be seen in movies from India, which promote the game and make it part of the Indian culture. It is entirely dissimilar to China, where golf is still viewed as wastage.

3. Laws are supporting golfing in India

If you want to open up a golf course in India, the law is quite clear. As long as you adhere to the laws, it should be quite easy for you to open up a golf course of the highest international standards.

4. India has a young population

The Indian population is quite young. A majority of its people are in their youth. That means there is an opportunity for you to grow your golf course’s membership after you open it. It is unlike some parts of Europe and American where the populations have stagnated, and there are few young people to take over.

5. Knowledge of the sport is quite widespread in India

A good percentage of the Indian population already knows about golf. Although they may not be able to play the game, the fact that they know about it is good. It means that one day they may take up playing the sport.

6. Numerous international tournaments are held in India

High-value competitions are now often held in India. These tournaments have helped to raise awareness of the sport in the subcontinent. As more matches continue to be held in the country, interest will only continue to grow. The trend is unlikely to change anytime soon.

7. The Indian government is working to modernise the economy

For a long time, a large percentage of the population has been working in the informal sector. However, the government is working hard to move people into the formal economy. As this happens, more people will continue to take an interest in sports such as golf to pass the time.

8. The country’s financial system is performing quite well

As India’s economic policy has improved, this has meant that more people have more money to invest in sports such as golf. Thus, you are likely to find significant golf courses built because of access to adequate finance.

9. Land is comparatively cheap in India

If you want to build a golf course, you will first need to acquire land. However, that will not set you back too far compared to Europe or the US. It means you will have more money to make a world-class golf course.

10. Labor costs are lower in India

Even when you pay a premium for the labor in India, it is still quite affordable compared to India. It means you will have more money to spare. With that money, you can use for some excellent landscaping to create a truly unique golf course in the continent at a fraction of the cost in the US.

11. There are many successful Indian golfers

Many Indian golfers have made it to the world stage. With their star power, they have helped to inspire a new generation of golfers who want to take up the mantle form them. It has helped to spark a significant interest in the sport in India.

12. A large number of professional Indians have studied in the west

Many Indians working in the corporate world in India have studied abroad. These people have brought back home more than just a good education. They have also come home with interest in sports like golf. As a result, with the market already there, it is up to you to construct a golf course and invite them to play. It will not be as hard as trying to penetrate a market where knowledge and interest in golf is low

13. India has an open economic policy

The Indian government has established a system of openness to the rest of the world. That means it is relatively easy for any foreign company to come and invest in the nation. It means that if you would like to invest in golf in India, it will be relatively easy.