A Guide To Today’s Quirky Surfing Trends

Surfing trends are something that matter to us at Sport Overnight The reason for this is that they matter to our customers, who ship their clubs through our company. To keep you updated on the latest trends in the surfing world we have done quite a lot of research. We have come up with what we think you will find interesting if you are a surfer.

  1. Wet Suit technology

Since the wet suit was developed over five decades ago, it has undergone a major transformation. The wet suits of today allow surfers to surf in some of the most frigid waters on earth. For instance, modern wet suit technology has made surfing a reality off the Scandinavian coast.

One recent development is the use of lighter foam. This is made possible by blowing bubbles directly into the foam during the process of manufacturing. The result is that the thermal level rises to 11.

Another development in wet suit technology has been the development of narrow, flexible, liquid seams. Seams restrict the flexibility of wetsuits quite a lot. Thus if the seams can be made thin, that can only be good news. The narrows seams that are being developed are said to be more durable. It is significant to note that most wet suits fail at the seams.

Additionally, there have been developments in the drying process of wet suits. With the lining materials used for wetsuits, the weave is made much looser. Consequently, the suits let go of water much faster. Fast drying is something that most surfers will appreciate. The struggle of trying to dry the wetsuit is something that has been a challenge for many years.

  1. Surfing Coaches

Surfing has always been associated with the idea of independence. Most people view it as a personal pursuit. As a result, the idea of coaches for surfers has traditionally received a lot of resistance. However, that is changing. Many pro surfers are realizing that there may be some advantages to having some training at a surf club.

While coaches on surfing tours are still rare, they are a growing minority. However, today’s coaches are not about the technique. Most of the coaches are mainly there for the motivation and keeping the surfer in high spirits.

Some of the leading pros admit that they would probably never have achieved the success they did if it were not for the coach. Traditionally, surfing has been thought of as a sport where the amount of time an athlete spends in the water is what determines their success. However, today factors such as diet and keeping fit are being seen as playing a role in surfing success.

  1. Wave Pools

The concept of wave pools is not completely new. Engineers have been trying to create surfable waves for years artificially in Wales, Texas, and many other places around the world. However, that effort has not been easy. Creating something that can give surfers a feel of the real thing is not easy to replicate.

However, that does not mean progress has not been made. There are many artificial hotels in luxurious hotels and cruise ships that attempt to recreate what can be found in nature. It can be a lot of fun, but it is not the ocean. One of the best efforts in recent times is an artificial wave at a park that is an hour’s drive from Dubai. Even that effort does not truly capture the real experience of surfing in the ocean.

What the Surfers think

Artificial waves have no doubt led to a huge debate in the surfing world. However, many of them insist they cannot come close to the real ocean. However, other surfers feel that critics of artificial waves are just haters.

Some pros think that artificial waves do have their place in the surfing world. They can be tweaked to allow a surfer to fine tune their skill. Besides that, some surfers say that with an artificial wave you do not have to battle crowds or wait for over half an hour to capture the perfect wave.

Although there is still a lot of opposition to artificial waves among-st surfers, most of them appear to be quite curious about it. Almost half of surfers said that they would go to an artificial wave park if given the chance. With artificial waves, learning is going to be much easier for newbies. They could also help to reduce fatal accidents since an indoor wave is easier to monitor.

Additionally, proponents of this technology insist that it could expand the reach of surfing. Traditionally, surfing has been restricted to the beachside towns. However, with new technology, it could spread to inland towns. It could create business opportunities such as rental businesses and shops to sell surfing accessories.

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials

As consciousness on how human activity affects the world increases, the surfing world is adding its voice to the movement to change the word for good. Towards that end, there has been an increased demand for surfboards that are made through eco-friendly processes or using materials that do not harm the environment