Inter – Island Adventures: 13 Best Places To Go

Inter – island is travel agency specializing in water travel especially within the British Virgin Islands. There are numerous reasons why you should travel to and around the British Virgin Islands. Firstly, the Islands are situated in secluded and unexplored Islands offering opulent exiles especially for those looking for relaxation and exclusivity. The Islands are dotted with state-of-the-art villas, restaurants, and resorts as well as other unique tourist attractions known to emphasis luxury and comfort. Here we focus on 13 significant places to go with inter-island adventures

1. The Baths-Virgin Gorda. It remains one of the must-visit places while you are in the British Virgin Islands. The Baths are tucked between colorful granite boulders and coves. The Baths are ideally located in the southern part of Virgin Gorda at the bottom of a hill. At the top of the mountain, is an exclusive but moderately priced restaurant as well as lockers and a refreshment stand for visitors at the base. Visitors are allowed access upon payment of $2 for children and $3 for adults. Virgin Gorda has a lot to offer from crystal clear waters to picturesque landmarks and parks. Activities here, therefore, range from all water sports like snorkelling and diving to sightseeing and visiting parks and museums.

2. Monkey Point. It is one of the top-most snorkelling areas in the British Virgin Islands. Anchoring here is not allowed, and therefore it is essential to arrive early enough to ensure you get a mooring by National Park Trust. The water at Monkey Point house is a diverse selection of colourful fish.

3. White Bay. It is located barely a mile north of Monkey Point. White Bay is the main beach for an exclusive Guana Island resort, and therefore it is only accessible by guests only. The bay feature a few private moorings and the available concrete dock is exclusively for use by the hotel. On the sand, is a beach house that is part of the resort. White Bay is purely private and can only be accessed by the resort customers only.

4. Salt Island. The Island was previously inhabited by about 100 people who paid rent to the government. As the name suggests, Salt Island is popular for its salt fields and ponds which are in existence up to date. Since 2004, no people are living in the area, but the government maintains it. As a guest, you can access the island, hike, tour the salt ponds and the cemetery commemorating who sank with the Rhone. Salt island popularity is also associated with The Wreck of Rhone.

5. Wreck of the Rhone. It is one of the most popular places to visit while in the British Virgin Island. The Wreck of Rhone is especially famous for scuba diving and snorkelling. The location was named so after a sailing ship sank in the area after crashing into Salt Island and the Island today is the diving site of that wreck. Snorkelers can easily swim over the wreckage. Inside, the massive ship propeller and other significant parts of the ship can be seen. When visiting the site, sailboats can be moored during the day. However, anchoring is prohibited because the Rhone is currently a marine park.

6. Guana Island. It is one of the privately owned Islands in the British Virgin Island. The island was bought and is owned by Henry and Gloria Jarecki. The Island has seven white sand islands and about 850 acres of hills, tropical forest, valleys, and mountains. The owners established a program that helped in the conservation of the Island flora and fauna and currently, it is estimated to have more flora and fauna than any other island of its size in the world.

7. Norman Island. Located in the southern part of BVI, Norman Island is another place to visit while in this part of the world. The Island is said to have inspired the writing of Treasure Island – a pirate novel by Robert Stevenson. The Island is rumoured to have been bought by a pirate who later leased it. Today, the Island is owned by Jarecki and is popular due to its unique 3-water level caves. The caves are popular with snorkelers. Moorings at $30 are available overnight.

8. Cooper Island is a well-known stop spot for group tours and yachts visiting other significant islands in BVI including The Baths and day boats from St. John, Tortola, and St. Thomas.

9. St.John. One of the smallest island. However, it houses some of the best restaurant and accommodation options.

10. Tortola. One of the largest and most populated island. It features white sand beaches, yacht-filled harbours and lush mountains for hiking and biking.

11. St.Thomas. The most cosmopolitan island still retaining the distinctive atmosphere of the private island. It is an ideal concept for couples and families.

12. St. Croix. Ideal for scuba divers, honeymooners, meeting attendees and all other types of vacationers.

13. Anegada. The only Island in the BVI Volcanic chain. Characterized by striking corals, low elevation, and secluded forests.

The British Virgin Islands tourism is at its peak between mid-August and mid-December. However, you can also visit the island at any time of year as you may desire.