Why Surfing Is Better Than Bodyboarding?

Surfers and bodyboarders have many things in common. However, both sports are locked in a never-ending argument about which one is better. However, surfers always win the argument not with words but with the facts; surfing is in arguably better than bodyboarding.

This article puts the argument to rest with these ten reasons why surfing is ultimately better than bodyboarding.

10 Reason Surfing is better Bodyboarding ‎

  1. It offers more of a challenge

Athletes indulge in their sports for more than just fun. Surfing is just like an extreme sport considering the challenge posed by the raging ocean waters; you have to swim against the raging waves and maintain your balance on the board. To this end, surfing is not only fun but also fulfilling with the realization that you have conquered the mighty ocean.

Bodyboarding, on the other hand, is more fun than it is challenging. After all, all it takes to bodyboard is lying on the board and letting the water take you.

  1. There are more tricks in surfing

There is not much that bodyboarders can do with their boards except riding the waves. Their prone position means that they cannot move their bodies as much as surfers. Surfers, on the other hand, can perform many tricks on their boards as their standing position makes them flexible.

  1. People hold Surfing in high regards

Surfing is about more than just having fun—it is a sport that brings together athletes seeking to make their mark. To this end, many people hold professional surfers in high regards among other athletes. Bodyboarding, on the other hand, is mostly dismissed as just another fun game; it is not seen to besignificant enough to be considered a sport worth tournaments.

Besides, the ease of bodyboarding and challenge of surfing makes the latter seem more serious and important.

  1. There is more variety of equipment in surfing

Bodyboarders need only their boards to hit the water, and they come in a standard design. Surfers, on the other hand, have several choices of equipment to choose from thanks to the sport’s flexibility. For instance, surfboards come in varying sizes, designs, and fin setups.

  1. Surfing leaves you healthier and fitter

As explained, surfers have to struggle against the raging waters to get the ideal waves. It works out their entire body; the whole upper body when paddling against the waters and the lower body when balancing on the board. It consequently makes surfers fitter and stronger, therefore, boosting their health.

Bodyboarders also have to struggle against the raging waters, but it is much easier for them thanks to their prone position.

  1. Surfing looks cooler and more stylish

You have to look keenly to track bodyboarders as they surf. Even then, there is not much to see because of their prone position and limited flexibility.

Surfers, on the other hand, are easy to spot in the water; in fact, you cannot keep your eyes off them as the sight of a person floating on the ranging waves is gracious and magnificent. To this end, surfing is much more stylish than bodyboarding.

  1. Surfing has a long history and heritage

There are many theories of how people realized they could surf, and some are the stuff of legends. However, whatever the correct theory may be, there is no doubt that surfing dates back thousands of years. Bodyboarding perhaps has a long history too, but the popularity of surfing dwarfs its heritage.

To this end, there are numerous memorable moments in the history of surfing and hardly any in the history of bodyboarding.

  1. Surfing can make you money

How many professional bodyboarders do you know? Or how many bodyboarding tournaments have you heard of in the past? As explained, bodyboarding is not yet popular enough to attract much attention.

Surfing, on the other hand, is so popular that some people decide to make it their career. Professional surfers go at each other in tournaments that attract a lot of attention. Consequently, they are paid well albeit not as much as most other athletes.

  1. Surfing can take you places

How far is one prepared to go to catch the best wave for bodyboarding? Waves come in different heights and speeds depending on location and weather. However, certain spotsarefamous for humongous waves all year round, and passionate surfers have all of them on their bucket lists.

To this end, surfers travel to multiple countries just to catch the perfect wave. Consequently, they get to see many new things and experience different cultures.

  1. Surfing makes you part of a community

Bodyboarders are very supportive of each other especially when it comes to defending the significance of their sport against critics. However, they are not as connected to each other as surfers. Surfers identify with each other in a profound way and factors such as competitions and the sheer popularity of the sport often bring them together in person. To this end, there is a community of surfers in which all members feel valued.