Where Surfing Competitions Take Place In Hawaii?

Hawaii’s goodie bag never seems to dry out. Besides the incredible geographical features on the island’s inland, its waters have something to offer – particularly for surfers. Hawaii is said to be the “birthplace of surfing” with surfing references on the island dating back as far as 2000 years. From that, you can tell that the island owns some of the world’s most incredible surf spots to hold surfing competitions. Sports Overnight has identified these ten places in Hawaii Island where surfing competitions take place.

  1. Laniakea, Oahu

North Shore in Hawaii is home to some of the world’s biggest waves. It makes Laniakea a prime spot where the big waves hit the coastline. The currents covering the area are strong resulting in the big waves. It makes Laniakea an ideal place for holding surfing competitions. It is an ideal spot for the elite surfers to hit the big waves but not an advisable spot for amateurs. Besides having big waves perfect for surfing, Laniakea is a scenic spot on the island.

  1. Jaws Beach, Maui

Well, there is an excellent reason this beach in Maui bears the name “Jaws.” The name comes from the towering waves that characterize the beach. The waves are ferocious, breaking powerfully against the reefs of the island. There are rumors that waves at the beach have reached a high of 120 feet – now that is big. Given the size of the waves, this beach is an ideal spot for surfing competitions to be held. However, it may not be the best place for surfers with little experience to practice surfing. Only the experienced surfers can handle the Jaws.

  1. Ho’okipa Beach, Maui

Just like many other surf beaches lying on the North Shore of Hawaii, Ho’okipa Beach does not disappoint. The beach is known for its incredible waves and breaks. It is one of the top spots in the world for surfing. The glorious praise that comes with the mention of the name “Ho’okipa” should, however, not be mistaken for smooth. The powerful currents and the strong winds here are not for the faint-hearted. Only experienced surfers can ride on this beach’s waves. The beach has held the Red Bull and Aloha Classic surfing competitions, among others.

  1. Banzai Pipeline, Oahu

Despite the dangers of Banzai, this is the ultimate surfing arena for most surfers. Otherwise referred to as “Pipeline” or simple “Pipe,” Banzai Pipeline is one of the famous surfing spots on the North Shore. It has powerful waves that even challenge the pro surfers. It is, however, a perfect place for surfers to face off and show off their surfing prowess.

  1. Makaha Beach Park, Oahu

The waves of the Makaha white sand beach park change seasonally. The name “Makaha” actually means “savage or fierce,” and that gives a hint as to the kind of waves you can expect in this part of Hawaii Island. The waves become even fiercer during the winter months. Given the shallow reef that characterized the break’s edge, people leave Makaha Beach Park for the elite surfers during this period. The waves, however, become gentler during the summer. It is one of the best spots for surf competitions in Hawaii.

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu

Sunset Beach is home to some legendary wave riders in history. It is, also, home to one of the jewels in the prestigious and competitive surfing series, Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing. It, also, is the spot where the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship took place where legendary Eddie Aikau and Clyde Aikau were named winners. The beach is home to some of the biggest waves ideal for surfing competitions.

  1. Waimea Bay, Oahu

If you want n idea of the size of the waves that characterize Waimea Bay, ponder on the fact that the waves of Waimea Bay were unridden up until 1957 because they seemed too big for surfers. The waves here are so big such that the most prestigious big wave surfing completions in the world named Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, are usually held here. The competition occurs only when the wave sizes are just right. Waves should be at least 20 feet high.

  1. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is on the northern side of Oahu. The area is subjected to strong winds and consequently huge waves. The Bay is one of few that allows surfing all year round, with the biggest waves come about during the winter period.

  1. Pyramid Rock

Pyramid Rock is an ideal place for surf, sun, and sand. The waves here are inconsistent and have no seasonal patterns. The waves here are usually pretty fair although we recommend it for the experienced surfers given that you cannot know what to expect. Some competitions take place here.

  1. Bomboras, Oahu

Lying on Ala Moana Beach Park’s eastern edge, Bomboras’ waters are for the experienced surfers. The windiest of days can see the waves get as high as 10 feet. In as much as the waves are not as big, they are usually long and with lovely hollows. It is one of the spots for surfing competitions that take place at the Ala Moana Beach.