Why Surfing Is Good For You and The World?

Surfing is more than just fun. In fact, some of the benefits of surfing may seem far-fetched. Its benefits range from the obvious—tremendous thrill and fun—to potentially world-changing effects. Here are ten reasons why surfing is good for you and the world.

Ten reasons why surfing is good for you

  1. It makes your body fitter and healthier

Surfing may be fun, but it is not easy. Getting to the wave takes a lot of paddling against the ripples. Additionally, it takes perfect balancing to stay on your surfboard when you catch the wave. For ardent surfers who love nothing better than catching several waves, this is an excellent way to exercise your upper and lower bodies.It will not only leave you strong and fit but also improve your cardiovascular health.

In fact, surfing is such a workout that you do not need to hit the gym to stay fit unless you want to; just make the ocean your friend.

  1. It makes you part of a movement

Surfing is a sport that dates back thousands of years. Today, surfing is a sport that has no written rules, but surfers understand each other and the ocean perfectly. It is a beautiful community where everyone comes together with great anticipation and excitement and leaves with a feeling of fulfillment. As such, in addition to the thrill of the surf, you get to belong to a community that is almost perfect; it undoubtedly feels good to be part of something bigger.

  1. A serene surrounding and incredible sights

Water is almost magical, and nothing feels as calming as seeing the vast, ranging waters of the ocean surround you. It is the perfect way to be a part of nature and to move in tune with it. It has a sort-of therapeutic feel and a liberating effect; you get to escape the bustling world for a bit.

The very sight of the ocean itself is magnificent, especially when you already know all that it has to offer. It is especially breathtaking during the evenings as the sun sets.

  1. It makes you happier

People cannot simply ignore things that upset them. However, they can always refresh if they know how to, and each time they do meet the world with a renewed attitude. Considering the incredible feeling that surfing brings, there wouldn’t be a better way to let the stress go and relax your mind.

Combined with the thrill of the rushing waters and the challenge to maintain your balance, this makes you much happier after you leave.

  1. You get to experience the benefits of an outdoors lifestyle

People did not always spend all their time indoors fixated on their gadgets or work. In fact, physicians blame an inactive lifestyle for some chronic illnesses and shorter life spans.

Surfing is a great way to spend your time outdoors away from it all. Its workout benefits, coupled with a therapeutic effect, make your life much happier and better. Additionally, you get to tan even without trying—in the end; you get to look and feel perfect for many days on end.

  1. Open your eyes to the pollution

In spite of the world’s natural beauty (and the fact that there is no other planet to call home except Earth), people are eating through Earth’s resources and polluting everything in the planet. The ocean has borne much of the brunt of pollution, and it is evident not only in the plastic bags littering the water but also its inconsistency and instability.

Surfing makes you one with the ocean and opens your eyes to the pollution. Consequently, you get to know better and play your part in preserving the environment.

  1. You sleep much better after a day out surfing

Surfing works out every part of your body including your brain. At the end of the day, the body is tired yet also refreshed and rejuvenated. As such, you feel free and relaxed as you get into bed, and your body can make the best out of the benefits of a good sleep.

  1. You can make a career out of it

How good are you at surfing? Do other surfers stare at your way when you catch your waves and go “wow?” If you are, then you can derive more from surfing than just fun. Professional surfers are respected athletes within the surfing community and out of them. They are also remunerated well for their prowess, and they get to make a living out ofsurfing, one of the finest careers in the world.

  1. You can travel the world

What is the best wave that you have ever caught? The answer depends on your location. Passionate surfers know that perfect waves rarely ever come to you—you have to chase them. This chase may take you from your local beach and even outside your country to renowned hot-spots in places such as Australia. Consequently, you will get to see the world, and with it get a deeper perspective of the world and people’s diverse cultures.

  1. You can make the most unlikely of friends

As explained, the surfing community is almost perfect. You get a chance to make friends who share your passion for surfing and yet have diverse personalities.