What Surfing Movies are on Netflix?

If you are a surfing fanatic, you most probably would love to get home and watch some surf movies that will always remind you of the sea. The idea of surfing is incredible such that film directors and filmmakers have created films and documentaries around surfing. Netflix is one of the best platforms to watch these movies and relax. Sportsovernight.com has combined a list of some of the best surfing movies you can find on Netflix.

  1. Bra Boys

If you are a real surf fan, then you must have heard of Bra Boys. They were the most notorious gang in surfing. This documentary is narrated by Russell Crowe and provides a deeper insight into this boy group. It hails from Maroubra in Australia, and some of its members are the famous pro surfers like Evan Faulks, Richie Vas, and Koby Abberton. The movie narrates the Bra Boys era in an incredible way, leading to it bagging various film awards as well as industry recognitions.

  1. Isolated

The documentary film “Isolated” tells a story of five surfers Jenny Useldinger, Josh Fuller, Travis Potter, Andrew Mooney and Jimmy Rotherham. The five, branding themselves as “feral surfers” set out to explore and surf in new surf spots that have not been explored before in West Papua, New Guinea. They set out to the new unexplored territory, even though the country is experiencing political unrest. Their interest and desire to explore new surf waves lead them to defy the warnings of the danger they were subjecting themselves to in the ocean. To get a full grip of the story and what lies ahead of them, be sure to search for this movie on Netflix.

  1. Stephanie in the Water

As the name suggests, the story behind this documentary is the Stephanie Gilmore, the six-time World Surfing Champion. Before she acquired her sixth title, the filming of the movie was complete. This documentary movie shines the light on her journey to championship form. It highlights the most critical times in her career journey, including the times she had to take time off from surfing due to her injuries. If you love this iconic surfer, this movie is a must see for you.

  1. Hawaiian; The Legend of Eddie Aikau

It is one of the best ESPN film productions on Netflix. You can recall the name Eddie Aikau from the common phrase “Eddie would go” and from Quiksilver’s Eddie contest. This movie gives anin-depth look at the life of Eddie Aikau; a legendary lifeguard at North Shore and a big wave surfer. Aikau dedicated his life to saving other and even lost his life in the process.

  1. The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer is a documentary movie with a lot of surf footage from various surfing spots around the globe. It shows the clear picture of how surfers did surfing in the past – back when surfing with surfboard leashes was not an option. You had to be an excellent swimmer if you wanted to surf. There are no crazy maneuvers for you to expect but you can get some deeper insight on how the surfing scene was like back then.

  1. Storm Surfers

This film’s story line is the story of the two-time World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll and the iconic big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones. The two attempt to catch and surf on the biggest waves in Australian waters. If you are a surfer or love surfing and would want to know what it takes for you to catch the giant waves on the oceans, this is the film you want to watch.

  1. Charlie Don’t Surf

Charlie Don’t Surf was released in 2012 and talks about three disabled guys who go to Costa Rica for a surfing adventure. The movie is quite inspiring and shows that if you love something and want it badly, there are no obstacles that can hinder your course. With it, you get a double treat. You get to enjoy some surfing action and at the same time get inspired.

  1. Lakey Peterson, Zero to 100

It is a documentary movie of Lakey Peterson. It tells her story, how she started surfing and what it cost her to get to the pro level she is. The movie is a 2013 release and is a film you should watch.

  1. Bella Vita

Bella Vita is centered on Christopher Del Moro as he travels to his homeland in Italy. While the movie is remarkable and shares interesting footage of places in Italy, there is less surfing footage in it. It may not be the greatest film if you are looking for high-performance surfing, but it offers an excellent opportunity to learn a few things about Italy. The few surfing episodes can take care of your surfing needs.

  1. Blue Crush/ Blue Crush 2

The first Blue Crush movie was a classic released in 2002. The main actor is Kate Bosworth and features lots of love and waves. Blue Crush 2, on the other hand, has an entirely different plot. It is the story of a girl who heads to Africa’s Jeffery’s Bay in pursuit of her surfing dreams.