Why Surfing and Skateboarding are Similar?

Some surfers argue that skateboarding can improve one’s surfing skills. It is a matter of opinion, but come to think of it, surfing and skateboarding are closely similar. In fact, surfing and skateboarding have so many things in common that it is amazingly surprising.

Here are ten ways how surfing and skateboarding are similar.

  1. They are both board games

The base similarity of surfing and skateboarding is that they are both board games. Surfers need surfboards to glide on the water while skaters need skateboards to cruise on the ground. In fact, surfing and skateboarding are arguably the most popular board games.

  1. They both demand passion and skills

Surfing is not just another sport that you play whenever you want to. You have to learn how to master the waves and stay on your board, and that is not easy. However, the passion for the sport keeps surfers going back to the water again and again.

Skateboarding also demands skills and passion—there is no other way to endure the falls and injuries, especially when you are just starting out.

  1. They are both fulfilling

Skating and surfing are almost addictive. People in both sports at times feel on edge if they cannot get an opportunity to indulge in their passion. When they do, however, they get a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. In fact, the feeling is so good that it is almost therapeutic—no one gets on the board and gets off with s stressful mood. Besides, it feels good to know that you can master a sport that most people are afraid of trying out.

  1. They both help build a respectable personality

Surfers look cool when gliding on water. Skaters also look stylish and cool on their skateboards. In fact, both skaters and surfers tend to look cool and stylish in person, and they have some of the coolest personalities. Their passion and focus for their sports influences this look.

  1. They both help in building fitness and good health

A person does not have to hit the gym if they surf or skateboard often. For starters, surfers work out every part of their body when paddling against the ocean’s powerful waves. Skaters also work out their legs when skating. In both cases, this leaves skaters and surfers fitter than before and saves them the trouble of running or hitting the gym.

A stronger and fitter body also helps in boosting the immune system for a longer and healthier natural life.

  1. They are both individualistic sports

All you need is your board to enjoy skating or surfing. Unlike other sports such as soccer, surfing and skating are individualistic. What’s more, they are not regulated by too many rules, so you are free to do pretty much anything you want. However, one has to admit that it is more fun to surf or skate with some company.

  1. Players in both sports are part of a community

Skaters identify with each other easily and automatically. They also come together often when they want to skate, say at the park or on the streets. Surfers also set themselves apart from other sports, and they too often congregate at the ocean. As such, both have given rise to a community where every member thereof feels appreciated. In fact, they form some of the best communities since most people relate well to each other.

  1. It’s a balancing game for both

The trick in surfing and skating is to stay on the board. However, this is not always easy especially when it comes to surfing or skating at high speeds. It requires skill and experience to maintain your balance. What’s more, it is embarrassing to fall off especially if you are new to the sport. In fact, some of the thrills of surfing and skateboarding come from knowing that you may fall off at any moment.

  1. They both come with bags of tricks

Surfing and skating go beyond simply balancing on the board. The ultimate thrill of these sports comes from doing stunts that may seem impossible. Skaters are mainly known for their stunts on ramps and even in the streets—it is common to see skaters gliding down on stair rails and risking a nasty fall. Surfers also have several tricks up their sleeves.

  1. They can both get nasty

Surfing and skateboarding are not all fun as each sport comes with its dangers. Surfing poses risks such as broken limbs, attacks from marine animals such as jellyfish and sharks, and even death. Skateboarding, on the other hand, poses risks such as falling and body injuries. No one has ever died from skateboarding, but people have sustained severe and even life-changing injuries such as paralysis.Fortunately, accidents are not common in both sports—nevertheless, one has to take caution.