Why Surfing and snowboarding are Similar

Surfers and snowboarders are very passionate about their respective sports. Some surfers also know snowboarding, and the debate about which sport is better has been raging on for years. However, few people take the time to appreciate the similarity between the two.

Are you puzzled? It may sound unreal, but when you think about it, surfing and snowboarding are closely similar. Here are ten reasons to convince you.

  1. They both leave you healthier and fitter

Surfers work out every part of their body as they swim against the waves to catch the perfect one. They also flex a lot as they balance on their surf boards. Over time, this exercising helps in burning calories and strengthening muscles for a more fit structure. Snowboarders also put their bodies to the test navigating the rocky mountains, and they too are just as fit as surfers.

The regular exercise, coupled with a positive lifestyle (which both snowboarders and surfers have), makes the body healthier and stronger against illnesses.

  1. They are both refreshing and rejuvenating

Snowboarding and surfing can be so addictive that one may be edgy without the thrill. For many surfers, the ocean feels like the only place they can go and be free. Snowboarders also feel liberated when out in the vast mountain terrain.

In both cases, this liberating feeling helps to suppress any stressful thoughts and leaves one with a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.

  1. They both bring to attention the rampant pollution

The world’s pollution levels are becoming increasingly unsustainable. The effects are felt far and wide including by surfers and snowboarders. While surfer sare struggling with inconsistent waves, snowboarders, on the other hand, are worrying about melting snow.

Consequently, their passion for their respective sports is making them take note of the changes and even advocate for an end to pollution.

  1. They both require skill and balance

Surfing and snowboarding may be enjoyable, but they are not easy. It takes a lot of skill and determination to master balancing on the board. And, if you observe keenly, you will note that surfers and snowboarders assume relatively similar postures—both surfers and snowboarders have a one-foot-forward stance that is necessary for balance.

  1. Same element, different forms

Water is life! It is also the same element on which surfers and snowboarders ride. However, while surfers get it in its usual liquid form, snowboarders prefer it in snow foam to function as a pad against the hard rocky mountains.

Snowboarders criticize surfers by saying snow is more challenging to master compared to water.  Surfers tell snowboarders that water is more dynamic compared to snow.

  1. They both come with excellent views

The view from the top of the mountain—speaking in a literal sense—is fulfilling. The rugged rocks and tons of snow beneath your feet make you feel humbled and elated at the same time. The same case applies to surfing.

For starters, the blue ocean waters are mesmerizing and inviting under the sun’s bright shine. The waves are also remarkable and offer a great insight into the power of the ocean. And, if you pick your hours well, then you can take in the serene view of the sun setting with its fiery red glow dancing on the waters in the distance.

  1. They may both turn dangerous

While we cannot refute the thrill, the dangers of snowboarding are evident to everyone. There is always the risk of hitting sharp-edged rocks as you slide down the mountain or falling off a cliff. Indeed, many snowboarders have died doing what they loved best.

Surfing can also be dangerous though it may not appear so. The most obvious dangers of surfing are drifting out to sea, drowning, or encountering a shark attack. What’s more, although snow may be harder than water, ocean waves often carry enough power to break bones in case of a nasty collision.

  1. They both take place under extreme weathers

Appreciate the irony: surfers are exposed to the hot sun all day while snowboarders have to dress up to keep the biting cold out. Both of the weather elements for each sport are extreme and just the exact opposite of each other. And, although it may seem like snowboarders have it bad, they love nothing better than the sport, and snow and cold are a part of it.

  1. They are both board sports

You cannot surf without a surfboard; neither can you snowboard without a board. Both of these sports are board games that require relatively similar boards to use. In fact, this is one of the facts why surfers and snowboarders are so interested in each others’ sport as they feel that it would not be that difficult to master; after all, you just need to maintain your balance, right?

  1. They are both sorts of movements

Surfers are a tight-knit community of people who are passionate about their sport, and so are snowboarders. In fact, both of them identify with each other so much that they are always arguing about who is better. Apart from the showing off, however, each athlete in each sport feels the sense of purpose that they get by being part of a community.