Where Surfing Is Popular?

Due to surfing’s dependence on nature, there are few particular locations where the waves are large enough to allow you to surf. However, surfing is not just about the waves, since the best surfing locations also have a great atmosphere and surfing culture. Since Sports Overnight has shipped sporting equipment all over the world, we have an excellent idea of where to catch the best waves. Therefore, if you are thinking of going on a sporting vacation, these are some of the countries where surfing is popular.

  1. Australia

Australia is surrounded by water and is iconic with surfing. The waves at Bondi Beach attract huge crowds from all over the world. This place also has a great surfing history, and it is here where people started the first lifesaving club. Bells Beach, located near Melbourne, is also a famous surfing spot with sandy beaches. It features in the Box Office film, Point Break, for its iconic swells.

  1. United States

The U.S. is synonymous with surfing. Santa Cruz Beach in California is a great location to enjoy the waves and have some fun. However, the locals here are not very welcoming to new surfers on their turf. In Hawaii however, surfing is part of the islands culture and surfers flock here every year to engage in various competitions. The Waikiki Beach, which neighbors Honolulu, attracts new surfers due to the warm waters and gentle waves.

  1. Spain

Spain’s praise as a cultural and artistic country also extends to the waters where the country maintains a popular surfing culture. Although it is mostly known for its soccer prowess, surfing here is also a favorite activity. The coast of Cantabria is where all the magic happens in this country. The waves here are fair to both the amateurs and the pros. When the waves die out, you can relax in the massage parlors that line the shore in locations such as San Vicente de la Barquera.

  1. Portugal

Portugal has a huge variety of swells that make the country suitable for all surfers. Lagos is one of the famous areas where all categories of surfers meet up. The Zavial location on this long coastline is one of the best point break areas in Portugal, and the most experienced surfers meet up here to test their skill and endurance. Less than a half hour drive west of this location is the Meia Praia Beach where beginners can catch moderate swells that are not too hard for them.

  1. Mexico

Mexico’s Pacific Coast has slowly transformed into a surfing destination with the artsy culture dominating some of the villages on the beach. Once a fishing village, Sayulita has slowly been consumed by the surfing culture. The economic activities in this area now include juice bars, surfing schools and fancy hotels that host tourists who are hoping to catch the swell.

  1. Mozambique

There are very few countries in Africa where you can catch good swells, and Mozambique has grown to embrace this sport. Surfing conditions are best from June to September, and you can find the locals as well as tourists on the Ponta d’Ouro coast hoping to catch a good swell.

  1. France

Hossegor isin South of West France, and it offers some of the best beach breaks in Europe. France also has warm waters for most of the year, and this makes for a good surfing experience. Surfing here, however, is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted as the swells are pretty high and unforgiving. Due to the challenging waves, you are likely to find a world class surfer or two on this beach hoping to take on the mighty ocean waves.

  1. Indonesia

This country is made up of many islands, most of which receive good swells that support surfing. The Indian Ocean provides consistent swells that have led to the exponential growth of surfing in Indonesia. The vast coastlines in the country also make it a favorite for surfers to experiment in different locations. The Java and Sumatra islands have the best waves for advanced surfers while the beginners can enjoy surfing off the islands of Jaya, Sonde, or Borneo.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica combines the perfect blend of natural rain forests bordering the coastlines where you can find consistent beach breaks almost all year round. This setting creates a surfers paradise. The Playa Naranjo is the most famous spot where the offshore winds create the perfect surfing swells for those looking to have fun. The beach borders the Santa Rosa National Park and thus surfers can choose to explore the park when the waters are calm.

  1. Scotland

Surfers in this location bear it all to observe their favorite activity. The waters in Scotland are not as warm as they are in many other popular surfing spots. However, the waves in Scotland are the best in the whole of the United Kingdom. Here you can expect to find pro surfers riding on the great waves off the shores of Thurso.