Ten reasons why some summer camps are expensive.

Why is Summer Camp so Expensive?

Every summer, parents send thousands of children to different camps to learn new ideas and have fun. Due to the demand of camps during this period, they are expensive and most middle-class families cannot afford them. Approximately, most summer camps, for children and teenagers, charge between $200 and $5000 per week each person. The prices[…]

What Do Summer Camp Counselors Do?

What Do Summer Camp Counselors Do?

A camp counselor is an individual responsible for leading, planning, setting goals, and implementing programs during camp sessions. Additionally, the professional should have capabilities to offer general safety and help campers in skills achievement. Therefore, camp counselors should have the skills to help, educate campers, and enhance growth and development without discriminating. Summer camp counselors[…]

10 Summer Camp Activities for your Kids

What are Summer Camp Activities?

Summer is an excellent period for the residents of the United States of America and other places in the world. During this time, people perform a variety of activities for fun and learning. Summer camping is one of the most common activities carried out by many people in the world. A summer camp is a[…]

Starting summer camp at home can be a challenging process-Few Tips for you

How to Start Summer Camp at Home?

Everyone loves camping, especially during the summer. The camp experience is excellent because it helps people, including kids, make new friends and have fun together with the family members and friends. Summer camps at home give children an opportunity to learn new life-related things and to try new activities. Additionally, summer camping at your home[…]

Summer camp has changed my life in 10 various ways

How Summer Camp Changed My Life?

In the modern society, individuals spend summer in different ways and performing numerous activities. Some people go for holiday vacations abroad while others spend time at home with their loved ones. However, summer camp is one of the exciting things that you can engage yourself in during the next period. Camping with friends, family members,[…]

Working Process of Summer Camp

How Does Summer Camp Work?

During the summer periods in the United States of America and other nations, children and teenagers conduct numerous supervised programs known as summer camps. The period gives the campers excellent opportunities to enjoy summer time. Traditionally, summer camping included wide varieties of activities like canoeing, hiking, campfires and many others. However, it is now changing[…]