Surfing VS Skateboarding

Why Surfing is Better than Skateboarding

For people interested in balancing on a board and sliding down a sloped surface, there are three main activities available based on the surface. Snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing are the major boarding activities, and most people will opt for a boarding activity based on availability. If you cannot choose between surfing and skateboarding, we at[…]

10 Reasons Why Surfing and Skateboarding are Similar

Why Surfing and Skateboarding are Similar?

Some surfers argue that skateboarding can improve one’s surfing skills. It is a matter of opinion, but come to think of it, surfing and skateboarding are closely similar. In fact, surfing and skateboarding have so many things in common that it is amazingly surprising. Here are ten ways how surfing and skateboarding are similar. They[…]