Equipment We Ship



Golf is one of Sports Overnight’s primary markets simply because almost anyone at any age or skill level can appreciate playing on different courses around the world. Whether you need your entire golf bag, or simply your favorite club, Sports Overnight can get it there the next morning or the next week.






landsportsLand Sports

Sports Overnight does not play favorites when is comes to sports… we ship equipment of any size with excellent care. If you need your lacrosse bag, baseball bag, or any other sports equipment, we still have a solution for you!

We also have solutions for cyclists! Do you already have a box for your bike and you only need to ship? Great! Do you need to buy a bike box, or rent one of our Thule Round Trip Sports Bike cases? Still Great! Sport’s Overnight can provide you with your in-home solution, while providing a great price. Call or e-mail us today to see what we can do for you!





water_sportsWater Sports

If you use it, we ship it. We can ship anything from water skis to wake boards to surfboards. Please call or E-mail us and allow us to offer affordable and safe shipping solutions to your water sports needs.






snow_sportsSnow sports

Skiing and snowboarding are prime examples of why our service is needed in the first place. We know that most skiers and snowboarders can’t live right on the mountain. Sports Overnight doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason why you can’t use your own gear. We ship single or double skis and snowboards and we can send them directly to your hotel, residence, or resort!





boxes_2Luggage and Other

It is true that shipping sports equipment is literally in our name, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we know. We can ship your luggage, boxes, artwork, and more!

If you call or e-mail Sports Overnight we can get back with you for a free same-day quote!