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Box purchasing and Hard Case Rentals

Sport’s Overnight wants you to focus on your trip, and we’ll focus on your luggage.

Container Solutions

Sports Overnight prides itself as being one of the only shipping companies to offer a complete in-home solution. Other companies may offer courier pick-up for your sports equipment, but what if you need a box for your bike or golf clubs? Our competitors will tell you to go to your local courier and purchase one. Our job is to remove that stress. We come to you!!!

Of course, our customers are welcome to drop off at a local shipping station and buy their own boxes, but we eliminate that hassle with our complete in-home solution. Professionals can send your boxes to you directly. Sport’s Overnight wants you to focus on your trip, and we’ll focus on your luggage. We have made available a wide variety of container solutions. We sell or rent boxes of all shapes and sizes. So drop off if you like… or let us come to you! Our boxes are wholesale so you pay the lowest possible price. All boxes and hard cases are available to be shipped ground or overnight.



Box Purchasing

200 Lb. tested corrugated boxes

Standard Golf Bag Box:

Dimensions: 48 x 14 x 14

Price + Shipping: $19.99

FedEx’s price for a similar box is $15 plus tax

Single Golf Club Box:

Dimensions: 48 x 6 x 6

Price + Shipping: $19.99

Standard bicycle box:

Dimensions: 54 x 8 x 28

Price + Shipping: $24.99

Large bicycle box:

Dimensions: 56 x 10 x 30

Price + Shipping: $34.99



Hard Case Rental

Want maximum security? Rent a hard case!


Thule Round Trip Sports Bike Travel Case

Internal Dimensions: 45 x 28.5 x 10

Price per day: $10

Price per week: $49.99

Delivery: $29.99 one way



Golf Bag Hard Case:

Dimensions: 50 x 14 x 14.5 (accommodates 95% of bags)

Price per day: $10

Price per week $49.99

Delivery: $29.99 one way


We also offer custom sized boxes upon request. All boxes can be sent next day or ground.

For purchasing and renting boxes please contact us:

Call: 1-866-776-6197