What Items Are Prohibited From Shipping Internationally With USPS?

What Items Are Prohibited From Shipping Internationally With USPS?

If you are planning to ship goods internationally, you should be aware that there are some items, which USPS will outright refuse to ship. It will only ship also other items under special conditions. In some cases, you could even face criminal charges for attempting to ship some items. That is why we at Sports Overnight have taken time to break this down for you. That way you do not face possible fines or frustrations when shipping.

  1. The laws around batteries and electronics

The USPS can prohibit shipping electronics unless you adhere to certain rules. The reason for this is that most of them contain lithium-ion batteries, which are subject to a lot of regulation. If not handled well, lithium-ion batteries can explode with ease. This has thus led the USPS to create specific laws to ensure that its workers and the public are safe at all times.

  • The battery is allowed as long as it is in the device

If the shipping of lithium-ion battery were strictly banned, that would make it impossible to ship any electronics. If the device has the Li-ion battery, there is no problem with that.

  • The battery must be small

Bigger batteries hold more charge, which makes them even more dangerous. The reason for this is that more charge equals a bigger explosion. In most cases, batteries found in consumer electronics are small enough.

  • You probably need some insurance

Electronics are prone to damage with just a few slight bumps. Even when packed well, water or moisture can still seep in and make them unusable. Ensure that you have insurance for anything that is worth over $100. Besides that, ensure you have proper documentation for the item that you are shipping.

As with any rules, ensure that you check the USPS website for updates. They will always maintain the most recent data on what changes have been made. It is up to you to keep yourself informed before you ship any electronic devices.

  1. Alcohol rules

The USPS does not allow the shipping of alcohol for any reason. However, the Postmaster has made suggestions in the past that they could ship alcohol someday. Even shipping companies that allow alcohol to be shipped such as the UPS and FedEx have very strict rules.

Besides shipping internationally, each state has very strict rules on alcohol shipping. This makes it hard for any shipping company to think about shipping alcohol. There are so many rules to think about that most states and shipping companies just choose to ban the idea of shipping it. However, some companies will allow you to ship alcohol if you pack it well.

  1. How you can ship alcohol

Under very strict rules, you can ship alcohol. Here are what some of the other shipping companies need you to do if they are to let you ship alcohol:

  • You have to be an adult over 21 years old

While some will require you to produce some ID, others do not. Nevertheless, it is best for you to have the ID in case it is required.

  • The bottle has to be packed well

The container of alcohol is quite fragile. Besides that, the liquid inside is flammable. If you want to keep it from breaking, it has to be surrounded by a few inches of padding. Besides that, the package has to be wrapped in something that is leak proof.

  • There are quantity restrictions

If you are trying to ship in large volumes, you will face some major hurdles. If you want to ship alcohol, keep it to just one or two bottles.

Some of the most common advice you get is that you do not need to declare it. Simply conceal it and give it another label. However, if you do this, do not use the USPS. The other shipping companies such a FedEx have a license to ship alcohol. The USPS has no license, and this could lead to huge legal fines.

  1. The rules on perishable items

These are items, which can go bad. They are not restricted, but you should still follow best practices.

  • Estimate the transit time

It is important that you estimate how long your package will take to ship. Unless you are sure the items will get there in time, avoid shipping them.

  • Use packaging with temperature control

For instance, if you are going to be shipping cheese there are some things you do to ensure it remains fresh. For instance, you can place some dry ice or other coolant in the package. These will help to keep it from rotting. You should also ensure that you use proper labels.

8. Strictly restricted items

Things such as firearms, explosives, and live pets cannot be shipped through USPS. Attempting to do so can lead to huge fines. Take time to go the list on the USPS website to know which items are not allowed.