How to packing and shipping surfboards internationally?

There is nothing that can be worse than traveling across various countries to a shore with the best waves only to find out that your surfboard was spoilt during transit. The safety of your surfboard through transit begins right from the packing process. To avoid the disappointment that can result in you not being able to surf on the best waves using your favorite surfboard, Sports Overnight has established these tips that you can reference for the next surf trip you are planning.

  1. Get a surfboard travel bag or shipping box

The right surfboard travel bag is what you need to keep your surfboard safe throughout transit. There are various surfboard travel bags in the market. Depending on the dimensions of your surfboard, get a travel bag that can accommodate your board comfortably and securely. Surfboard travel bags are usually uniquely designed with add-ons that protect the surfboards. If you cannot get a surfboard travel bag, you can opt for a shipping box. The challenge usually is getting a shipping box that perfectly fits the dimensions of unique surfboards. Luckily, you can make one yourself using online tutorials.

  1. Remove your fins

Take out your surfboard fins before putting the surfboard in the surfboard travel bag or shipping box. Fins are usually the most vulnerable parts of a surfboard during shipment. You can wrap them up and carry them along with you, or you can use a bubble wrap to wrap them up and insert them in the surfboard travel bag or shipping box.

  1. Protect the tips during packing

The tips are the other part of a surfboard most vulnerable during transit. To ensure that your surfboard is safe and the integrity of the tips is not compromised, use a rubber cap or the bubble wrap to cover the tips. The tips are usually the first sections of the surfboard to deform or break in case of any bumps, and this would make your surfboard unsuitable for surfing. As such, take care to have the tips secured as you pack.

  1. Ensure that the surfboards are facing in the same direction

If you are shipping more than one surfboard, ensure that you face them in the same direction if they are in the same shipping box. A shipping box can accommodate a pair of surfboards. The largest board shouldbe at the bottom then the smaller one at the top. This packing method is to help protect the most vulnerable parts of the surfboard from being damaged.

  1. Employ the services of a shipping company and have them pick the surfboard from your home

One way of ensuring that your surfboards are safely transported to their destination safely is by employing the services of a reputable shipping company. It will minimize the risk of experiencing shipping challenges. Also, have them handle the shipping right from your doorstep. Besides giving you time to deal with other things, there can be no blame on your side in case of damage to the surfboards during transit.

  1. Ship the surfboards in pairs to save on costs

If you are traveling with friends or if you are carrying more than one board, it is advisable to ship them in pairs using shipping boxes to save on the shipping cost. Separately shipping the boards will increase the package number and the weight hence resulting in extra charges.

  1. Indicate that the package is fragile

After you have fastened and secured the boards in either the shipping box or the surfboard travel bag, add stickers on to show that the package is fragile and should be handled with care. With this, persons from the shipping company can take extra precautions when handling your package. Your package will not be handledsimilarly as the other packages they are handling.

  1. Shipment insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things to observe when shipping anything. Surfboards are not an exemption. You may encounter unforeseen challenges like lost package or damaged packages. With an insurance cover, you can be sure that you will have your boards replaced in the event of such occurrences. Settling claims with package carriers can be a grueling uphill task. With insurance companies, the process is smoother.

  1. Check for offers from the shipping company

If you happen to be a surfer who regularly ships with a particular company, they might have offers that can be of benefit to you. Most come as discounts on the shipping cost. You may not enjoy these offers if you don’t ask. Make some effort and make some inquiries. You might end up saving a lot of money.

  1. Track your package

Be in constant communication with your shipping company to know the status of your shipment. Also, contact the destination in advance and let them know the kind of package they are to expect and when they should expect it. Be informed and comply with the policies at the destination. Otherwise, you risk your package being shipped back which will be an inconvenience on your side.