Places to Surf in Hawaii in 2017

Hawaii is the heaven for surfers. I mean, what’s not to love about Hawaiian perfect waves? Anybody with ambitions in professional surfing will tell you that Hawaii is the ultimate surfing destination. Although much of the love for Hawaii comes from its crystal clear waters, there is a lot together with the waters that make Hawaii the perfect vacation destination. The green hills and white sandy beaches with a cool breeze are some of the things that make people want to visit Hawaii. Let’s also not forget the local people of Hawaii. These are people have upheld their traditions and ethos which essentially revolve around surfing. They are a welcoming lot and I can assure you if you visit this pristine island, you will enjoy every minute of your stay.

Back to the waves and surf spots in Hawaii. Hawaii is home to some of the biggest waves in the world and this has made it the perfect surfing destination. Some parts of Hawaii are better than others though, in terms of offering conducive surfing conditions. Today, we want to take a look at some of the best surfing places in Hawaii that you need to visit. Whether you are a novice or a long time professional, here are 5 best places to surf in Hawaii in 2017;

  1. Waikiki

This is arguably the best surf spot in the world. Reviews provided by millions of visitors and professional surfers tend to point towards that. They all accept that the long, rolling waves here are some of the best they have ever encountered in their lives. Whether you are a beginner looking for small and slow peeling waves or are an adrenaline junkie looking for 10 foot waves to ride, Waikiki seems to have it all. The beaches are awesome and the facilities are even better. There are restaurants and hotels for you to enjoy traditional dishes as you are hit by the warm breeze from the ocean. The hotels are world class and they charge decently as well. There are surf tour services, stand-up paddle lessons, surfing lessons and even surfboard rentals offered in Waikiki. It essentially has everything as far as surfing and relaxing is concerned.

  1. Pipeline North Shore

If there is anything like a perfect wave, then it must be waves found in the North Shore in the Banzai Pipeline, Oahu. The reason why this area has so many ‘perfect’ waves is because the Pipeline exists above a chain of reefs that have caverns underwater. When a wave passes through this sport, a large air bubble soars from the caverns below and through the reef creating large and beautiful water crests which are a dream to most surfers. The swells are so appealing to professional surfers that most of them end up moving to live next to this area so that they can practice daily and get used to the humongous waves. The waters are crystal clear and very warm. The locals are welcoming as well and it is a place full of culture and traditions. There are amazing holiday facilities here and you can therefore expect nothing short of the best.

  1. Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu

The other North Shore location that has benefited from the orientation of the reefs and caverns, is the Waimea Bay. The waves here are not just big, they are scary. So scary that at times of the year, people are discouraged from going out to surf because it can be dangerous. This is exactly what professional surfers love though-proving their might and adrenaline by riding the big waves.  During the summer, the waves seem to disappear and it becomes a good swimming spot for family vacations et al. This is a good spot for surfing and vacation. There are hotels everywhere and the beaches are some of the most expansive in the world.

  1. Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Are you scared of 30, 40 foot high waves? Well, then don’t even bother to come to this spot because this spot has 50 and 60 foot waves waiting for you. If you are comfortable in such high storey waters though, then get packing already because the experience here will be amazing. If you are too scared of waves, don’t take my first statement that seriously because in the summer, this area has calm and safe 2 foot peelers which are just perfect for beginners. There are surf shops in the neighborhood where you can rent boards and a decent number of shops and inns for you to spend the night at the end of the day.

  1. Kealia Beach, Kauai

The other spot you are likely to enjoy surfing in is the Kealia beach in Kauai. The waves here are not as big but the beach compensates for this. The beaches are long and the sand is amazing to play on and rest on after a day out in the ocean. There are lots of things besides surfing that you can do here and I assure you this is one of the top vacation destinations in Hawaii.