Planning Your Surf Vacation: Rent Surfboard or Ship Your Own?

Traveling is the easiest way for a surfer to hone his or her skills. It allows you to meet new challenges and people that give you important tips. However, the stress of traveling with your surfboard can sometimes be too much. We at seek to answer the question of whether it makes more sense to ship or rent your surfboard the next time you go on a surfing vacation.

What You Should Think About

The Cost

An airline will charge you a hefty fee just to ship your surfboard. If you are going on a short trip, you will pay less than if you are going on a long haul flight. However, most airlines change the fees they charge quite often. Thus, it is important that you check what the airline you are traveling with will charge you before shipping.

At some airlines, your surfboard may not even be accepted no matter how much you are willing to pay. This usually happens, especially around the holidays. T is thus important that you check the airline’s policy before you leave your home with the board.

You will have to weigh how much it will cost you to travel with your board versus just renting a board at the place where you will be surfing. In some cases, the cost can be the same but in some instances; the cost difference can be huge.

The Destination

If you are going to a travel surfing destination, you are likely to find a board that meets your needs. However, if you are going to a destination that is off the beaten path, you are likely to need to work very hard to find a surfboard that meets your specifications.

The Kind of Board You Use

If you use a surfboard that is quite standard, you will have an easy time adapting to any board that you find at a rental shop. However, if you have customized board that is almost impossible to find elsewhere, you may want to consider traveling with it.

The Pros of Traveling with Your Board

One of the major pros of traveling with your board is that you will not need to adapt to using the board. Besides that, you will not have to waste time finding a board that matches your needs.

Cons of Traveling with Your Board

The major downside to traveling with your board is that it can be quite expensive. Additionally, it might become damaged during transportation. The other major downside in that you have to carry with you all the time. If you are taking a bus or a taxi, that can be a major nightmare. Besides that, finding a place to place your board as you eat can be a challenge.

About using airlines to Ship Your Board

Airlines have a reputation for destroying surfboards. All it takes is one careless bag handler to drop your board and it becomes unusable. However, there are also cases of many people taking their boards on planes and reaching their destination without an issue.

However, you need to remember that an airline will not compensate you if your board is damaged during shipping. If they do compensate you, it will be after months of following up on the issue. On the other hand, if you use a shipping company like sports overnight , they come with insurance for your board. That, if it is damaged during shipping, you are assured of some compensation.

The Pros of Renting Your Board

 In some instances, you can rent a board for less or at the same prices as traveling with your board. However, this time you will not have to worry about carry it around with you everywhere. When you rent a board, you can always change it as your skill level increases. However, if you come with a board, you may never get to know what would happen if you pushed your limits.

The Cons of Renting a Surfboard

You will need to look for a shop that has a board, which meets your specifications. That could take quite a while, especially during the peak season. In some instances, you will never find the board that meets your needs. Additionally, if you require using the board for a long period, it can become quite expensive. If you travel often for surfing purposes, that will mean that you have to look for a rental shop each time you travel.


If a flexible schedule is your main concern, you may need to rent a board. If you have an unusual board, that is hard to find anywhere else, consider traveling with it. However, if the airline’s fees prove too high, you may have to rent a board that is close to what you need. Your other option is to use a shipping company. As long as you pack your board in the right manner, shipping should be quite safe. Shipping through sports shipping companies is no longer considered a luxury. Instead, it is something that everyday surfers can afford to do. In fact, it is cheaper than using airlines.