All About Surfboard Bags: What You Need To Know

Surfboards are great, but they are also fragile. They are prone to all manner of damage; even simple exposure to the sun can damage your board. However, to keep it safe, you can wrap up your board in UV resistance material. Buying a surfboard bag is logical. Most surfboards will cost you at least $300. It is only sensible to find a way to protect your expensive board.

When choosing a surfboard bag, you will have three main options. Each option has its advantages and purpose. Sport vernight  will give you information on each type to help you make your choice.

  1. The Surfboard Sock

The sock is a lightweight sack-like protection that covers the board. It provides the bare minimum protection. The sock only protects the board from minor scratches and UV. Additionally, it helps to protect the board from dirt. If you do not place your stick on the hood of your car during rides, and it does not get exposed to much sunlight, the sock works great.

You should ensure that you find a sock with a padded nose. The nose is the most vulnerable section of a board. It is prone to damage as you maneuver around the house on your way to the beach. Besides the padding, you should take the time to choose a good design. These socks come in a variety of patterns. Ensure you choose one that resonates with you.

  1. Day Surfboard Bag

A day bag has all the benefits of a sock but with some extra protection. Its most noticeable feature is a strap that lets you carry your board on your shoulder. Besides that, most of these bags come with a pocket or two that lets you carry things such wax and fins. These bags also come with some padding to protect the surfboard from damage during transportation. The padding is not much but it is enough to cushion the bag if you bump into something on your way to the beach.

Besides that, these bags protect the board from the heat. They have a reflective material that helps to keep the interior of the bag cool. It ensures that the wax you apply on the board does not melt off because of being in the heat too long. If you carry your board with you often over short distances, this bag may be your best option. Besides that, it is a great option if the beach is located some distance away from your home.

Most modern day bags also feature a slot where you can place your name and number. It is also important that you check the zipper of your day bag. If you buy a bag with a low-quality zipper, it will fall apart after just a few months. If the zipper collapses as you are walking along the beach, it can be quite embarrassing.

  1. The Surfboard Travel Bag

If you are going on a long trip with your surfboard, you will want to purchase this bag. Failing to purchase such a bag is tantamount to flying naked. Besides protecting your board, it serves as a second suitcase. The result is that you may spend less on baggage fees.

A travel bag will have most of the features of the day bag. However, the padding will be quite thick. Besides that, the handles and straps are more resilient. You can choose a travel bag that can fit two boards. That way, you and a friend can reduce the luggage that you carry.

A good travel bag should have at least 10mm of padding. That way, your board will be protected from damage during the trip. Some boards have wheels, which allow you to travel with up to four boards at a time.

If you are going surfing in another town, it is important you have a travel bag. Ensure that you buy yours from a trusted company. Otherwise, it could reap apart, which could be a huge waste of money.

Major Factors to Consider When Buying Your Board

  1. Do the Fins Fit

If you are going to purchase a board, you need to ensure that it can accommodate your fins without any issues. In some cases, you will need a bag that has a zipper so that the fin can poke out. In other instances, the bag will need to have enough room to accommodate your GOs or Glass-ons.

  1. How is the Padding

A cheap bag will usually have as little padding as possible. In such a case, you would be better off using a towel to pad your board. Ensure you check the padding by squeezing and grabbing. That way, you can tell if there is enough of it.

  1. What are the Extras?

Does it have pockets that allow you to store your essentials? Most modern bags come with additional features such as extra pockets and extra stitching. If you have some pockets to store wax and some extra fins, that is going to be really great. Ensure you inspect the bag as much as possible. That way, you will know if you are getting value for money.