Top 5 Best Surf Boards in 2017

Great a surfer as you might be, without a proper surfboard you can’t succeed in surfing. Just like any sport, you need good quality equipment to succeed in surfing. Luckily enough for surfers, there is not much you need in terms of equipment-just a surfboard and proper clothing and you are good to go. Although you only need a surfboard, you need to take even extra care when purchasing a surfboard because if you are not careful enough, you might end up purchasing the wrong board and therefore compromise with your chances of making it in the sport.

When purchasing a surfboard, there are a few things that you have to look at. There are very many boards in the market today and each comes in a different shape and size. There are fun boards, mini mals, foam boards, long boards, skim boards and many other types of boards. When choosing the right board for your venture, you have to look at your skill level, size of the board and of course your budget. People find it very difficult to choose the best professional surfboard for the sport. We took time out with long time surfers to review the top surfboards of 2017. Here are top 5 best surfboards of 2017 that you have to try out;

  1. Board works Flying Pig

If you are stuck in between being a beginner and an advanced professional and are looking for an affordable compact surfboard, then the Boardworks Flying Pig is one of the best surfboards to consider. At just over 6’2”, this surfboard is designed to withstand even the most turbulent of waters. This is a board that is ideal for both big and small waves. Its features include five fins and super thin body that makes the whole board super light. You can do as many tricks as you can because this body always guarantees buoyancy. Great buy.

  1. Fire wire Baked Potato Surfboard

If you are a professional who has been in the game for long enough and are looking for an affordable surfboard that is compact and efficient for competitive surfing, then look no further than the Firewire Baked Potato. This is a revolutionary surfboard that can handle waves with even better prowess. This board is light enough to stay buoyant when surfing even in big waves. You can pull off tricks without much worry because this is a board designed to offer flexibility when surfing. It offers more balance and can handle turbulences of any nature. The slightly pulled in nose and tail help with reducing eddy currents and this in turn reduces drag in water as you surf. The quad fin plugs are set further back and closer to the rail to hold in even in the worst of conditions. Considering that it retails at just under $750, this is a bargain because surfboards in this category can be cost more than that.

  1. McTavishThe Sumo Surfboard

This is a high volume mid-length surfboard designed with the young vibrant and daring surfers in mind. A quick look at this board and you will notice that the lion’s share of the volume is at the front while the tail is pulled into a very tight tip. I am told that this is helpful when you are paddling because most of the weight will be on the front and the narrow tail will help in reducing drag when paddling. Depending on your preference, you can choose to ride it as a single fin board though it comes with a 2+1 fin set-up.  It is light and will offer durability. It comes in poly and an option of two colours for you to customize it to your own liking. Cheap but quality surfboard this.

  1. North Gear 6-Foot Foam Surfboard

This is the perfect foam board for beginners and especially young members in the family. This is a foam top and hard slick bottom that is great value for money. It is very light to carry around and kids especially, will enjoy learning the trade on this masterpiece. It is very light but the tough can truly withstand mild to medium waves. At just below $100, this board deserves to be ranked as one of the best surfboards of 2017.

  1. Greco Surf 7-Inch Performance Soft Top Fun board

When I look around in the surfing world today, I don’t see many surfboards that can rival this masterpiece in terms of affordability, durability and performance. At just 13 pounds, this board is perfect for both professionals and beginners. It can pull off tricks and can withstand even the biggest of waves you are likely to encounter. Its double reinforced wood stringers give the surfboard the strength it needs to withstand waves and bumps in water. Retailing at just $240, this is one of the best surfboards in the market.