What’s The Best Way To Package My Fragile Goods?

Many people would like to ship beautiful but fragile items to those they love. They go about purchasing the item with ease, but when the package arrives, there is only disappointment. The package that was sent with so much love arrives in pieces. If you are planning to ship a fragile item, it is important to take great care. Here are a few tips that we at Sports Overnight have found work great. That way, your shipment always arrives intact.

1. Use the right packing materials

The first thing you need to get is strong, sturdy box. After that, you will need to look for the right packing materials. Always use bubble wrap to ship fragile items. It is quite easy to get these items at an office supplies store in your locality. If you live in a rural area, you can still order these shipping supplies online. Order a lot of them and keep them in stock. That way, you do not have to improvise every time you need to ship something.

2. Wrap the items with enough bubble wrap

Take the item you are shipping and wrap it in the small bubbles. Ensure that you wrap each item individually. Afterward, you can combine them in one piece of bubble wrap. Ensure that the bubble wrap is secured in place with tape. After using the small bubble wrap, add an extra layer of large bubble wrap. Ensure that you also use tape to secure it in place.

After wrapping the items in bubble wrap, add a layer of stretch film. It ensures that the bubble wrap stays securely in place. To ensure it stay in place, wrap in two different directions. Wrap it about four times over so that it does not shift out of position during the shipping process. The stretch film will stick to itself. Thus there is no need for tape.

3. Ensure the box is of a good size

In an attempt to cut shipping costs, you may think of using a small box. However, you have to look for a box with at least an inch of space between the walls and the item. That way, it will arrive intact. The extra cost you incur will be minimal compared to losing your precious package.

4. Use enough taping on the bottom of the box

Once the items are inside the box, you will want to ensure that the bottom is secure. Use two layers of packing tape at the bottom to secure it. That way, your items will not fall off during the shipping process.

Remember not to pack your items too tight.It can cause the package to explode because of air build up. Remember to shake it a bit before shipping. If you fill any movement, know it can break. Ensure you use enough packing pellets to prevent movement.

On the top of the box, use two layers of tape. This will help to keep it from coming undone during the shipping process.

5. Label your shipment as fragile

Print out a piece of paper with “fragile” written on it. This will help those handling your shipment to know that it can break. They will thus take more care when dealing with it. If needed, you can order a stamp that says fragile. It is especially so if you ship many fragile items often.

6. Always pack in good time

When you rush over something, you are likely to miss some of the steps. Prepare at least a week in advance to ship your delicate items. That way, you will not have to skimp on any of the safety measures.

7. Look for a good shipping company

Some companies have a better record at shipping fragile items than others. Do some research online and find one that has the best record. If you find that the shipping company often breaks items, you might want to look for another one. Even when you have to pay a bit extra, it will still be worth it.

8. Get some insurance

If you are shipping valuable and fragile items, it is important to have insurance. That way, it is not a total loss when the item breaks. It might cost you a few extra dollars, but it is going to be worth the peace of mind.

9. Relax

You have done everything possible to ensure that your package will arrive intact. Now you can only hope that it gets there in one piece. Inform the person that you will be sending them a fragile package. Thus, when it gets to them, they do not mishandle it and break it.


These few tips will bring you immense joy when your package gets to its destination intact. Remember that they may require more effort, but they will help you save money and time. It will also help avoid disappointment for the recipient.