Delivery Area Surcharges

What Are The Current Delivery Area Surcharges For FedEx?

Are you aware of the different shipment surcharges introduced by commercial carriers in the recent past and their impact on your overall shopping experience? Before making your next purchase, it is important that you first familiarize yourself with the different surcharges affecting your shipment. This not only helps you recalculate the shipping cost budget for[…]

Customs Forms

How Do I Complete A Customs Forms To Ship Overseas?

The word continues to shrink in size and more businesses are discovering that they can access an international market for their products with ease. However, for many shipping companies, the shipping process can be quite complex especially when it comes to the part involving filling out the paperwork. That is why we at Sports Overnight[…]

domestic shipments

Do US Military And Territory Shipments Require A Customs Form?

Shipments to U.S territories including Puerto Rico, Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands are in most instances considered domestic shipments. In such cases, packages to these regions usually don’t need to be accompanied by a customs form. The same applies to shipments to overseas U.S military bases. However, the domestic shipment[…]

UPS services

Top 5 Cheap Shipping Alternatives To Flat Rate Boxes?

For long, e-commerce businesses have overspent on shipping costs primarily due to due to their limited knowledge of more pocket-friendly shipping alternatives. In most instances, often without considering their proximity to the product supplier’s store, they prefer to use the often expensive flat rate shipping method for their purchases. The next time you ship a[…]

Top 10 Tips for Packing and Shipping Skis Internationally

How to Packing and Shipping Skis Internationally?

Skis and ski poles have no other way of being shipped apart from being shipped as luggage. Given their nature, they stand a very high risk of being damaged during transit. It is, thus, important that for anyone who is looking to ship skis internationally get everything right from the packing. Proper packaging and shipment[…]