How to Package and Ship a with Sportsovernight

Traveling for sports activity has become commonplace today. It is no longer a thing that is reserved for the pros. Having totravel with your equipment for leisure can be quite expensive when you think about the amount airlines charge. To compensate for dropping revenues, they have made it a point to target sports’ lovers with[…]

What to do If My Sports Equipment Shipment is Lost or Stolen?

A story is told of a professional hockey team that travelled all the way from Nevada to North Carolina to take part in an annual tournament only to arrive in NC without their equipment. According to the team manager, he had packed all the equipment, contacted a local shipping company and instructed them to ship[…]

5 Things To Do If My Sports Equipment Shipment Arrived Damaged

For a long time, people preferred to travel with their gear and equipment on the same flight. This had lots of disadvantages though. Very many people realized that people who handle and pack their luggage as they board the planes, tend to tamper with their equipment. This led to loss of numerous electronics and valuables.[…]