Top 13 Facebook Pages that make you a better Golfer

Top 13 Facebook Pages That Make you a Better Golfer

Facebook has proven to be quite useful to golfers than initially thought. Facebook provides you with a means of keeping up with golf updates and posts from the top golfers in the industry. Many Facebook pages post numerous golf-related photos and videos that can help you improve your game. Here are the top 13 Facebook[…]

Top 10 Tips for Packing and Shipping Skis Internationally

How to Packing and Shipping Skis Internationally?

Skis and ski poles have no other way of being shipped apart from being shipped as luggage. Given their nature, they stand a very high risk of being damaged during transit. It is, thus, important that for anyone who is looking to ship skis internationally get everything right from the packing. Proper packaging and shipment[…]

Top 10 Tips for Packing and Shipping Sports Equipment

How to Packing and Shipping Sports Equipment?

People have resorted to sports as a way of enjoying their vacation and passing the time. People usually associate sports with a lot of traveling for various tours and tournaments for the different game sheld in several parts of the world throughout the year. It, therefore, means that as a sports lover, you will have[…]

Tips Packing and Shipping Surfboards Internationally

How to packing and shipping surfboards internationally?

There is nothing that can be worse than traveling across various countries to a shore with the best waves only to find out that your surfboard was spoilt during transit. The safety of your surfboard through transit begins right from the packing process. To avoid the disappointment that can result in you not being able[…]

Best Way to Ship Lacrosse Equipment

10 Shipping Steps for your Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse is a fun and physical game that combines strategy, teamwork, and running. If you are just new to the game or a veteran, you may want to travel with your lacrosse gear. Here are some tips that could help to ensure your equipment gets to its destination intact. We at Sports Overnight have been[…]

Simple Steps to Ship Your Cycling Equipment

10 Tips to Pack And Ship Your Cycling Equipment

Professional cycling requires first-class gear to compete effectively in global competitions. Some of the cycling supplies include the following: cycling helmets, bicycle, touring shoes, gloves, synthetic or woolen socks, waterproof shoe covers, leg warmers, cycling shorts and many others. Therefore, traveling with these supplies can be challenging. Shipping is the perfect method to transport them[…]

10 way to Ship Badminton Equipment

10 Best Way to Ship Badminton Equipment

Badminton is one of the popular games played by thousands of people in the world. Due to its popularity in the modern world, the game continues to gain millions of spectators every year. Some individuals follow televised competitions while others visit different compounds to enjoy a variety of badminton live matches played by professionals. When[…]